Pharmacy Technology

Think of Integral Rx© as providing the critical link between your software system and business essentials. We support pharmacies, hospitals, long term care facilities, animal hospitals, and HME businesses, supplying products that will work with virtually any pharmacy software and automated dispensing system.

Pharmacy Automation

Integral Rx© can support the following pharmacy automation systems with quality supplies to compliment your business.

  • Innovation PharmAssist Robotics

  • Kirby Lester

  • Omnicell

  • Pharmacy Automation Systems

  • RxMedic

  • ScriptPro

  • SynMed

Pharmacy Software

Integral Rx© supports over 30 pharmacy software systems, including the following popular pharmacy management systems:

  • Best Rx
  • Computer Rx
  • Keycentrix
  • Liberty Software
  • Micro Merchant Systems
  • PDX, Inc.
  • PioneerRx
  • Prodigy Data Systems
  • PSI Pharmacy Systems Inc.
  • QS/1
  • QuickScrip
  • Rx30
  • Speed Script
  • SRS Pharmacy Systems
  • SuiteRx
  • VIP Pharmacy Systems


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