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Earn rewards when you bundle your generics and pharmacy supply orders from Integral Rx.


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Pharmacists can spend hours each week ordering day-to-day supplies and generics from different vendors. At Integral Rx, our mission is to simplify the process by giving pharmacists simple access to the products they need in one convenient location. With our Save-A-Bundle Program, you can even earn rewards for streamlining your ordering process.


What is the

Save-A-Bundle Program?

Save-A-Bundle is a free rewards program designed to help you save on the supplies and generics you order each and every month. When you order both at the same time, and you spend at least $500 on generic drugs, you'll earn up to 10% credit towards your generic drug account. In other words, Save-A-Bundle simplifies your ordering process and helps you lower the cost of your generic drugs.

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How does it work?


Earning rewards is simple. Just bundle your supplies purchase with your generics and earn credit towards your generic drug account each month. Rewards are earned in tiers based off of your supplies purchase. The more supplies you order, the more credit you'll earn towards your generic drug account. The best part? No fee and no extra cost to you.

Reward Tiers


Here's a quick example of how the Save-A-Bundle Program can help save your pharmacy money.


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